What is SEAP?
The Self-Employment Assistance Program (SEAP) is a unique opportunity for you to enter into self-employment entrepreneurial training and receive business counseling while you collect unemployment benefits. If you qualify and enroll in an approved training program, you do not have to look for other work while in this program. Learn more about SEAP.

The five-week course includes:
– Where to begin with creating your business.
– The 1-page business plan: We need to get you moving.
– Money. Money. Money. Let’s talk about money.
– Successfully market your business.
– How to talk about your business to generate more sales.

This 5-session series is designed for busy professionals like you. After completing it, you will have mastered the essential business practices to help you succeed; you’ll have the opportunity to sell your products in our store and have access to private coaching.

Don’t worry. We provide you with everything you need.

All you need to do is sign up today.

Bill Cooper MBA, MPA

I work with organizations to transform reactive problem management into proactive, results-based solutions. I consult and speak on topics including management and leadership, emergency preparedness and management, employee engagement, and Lean Six Sigma.


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