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Executive Business Management Consulting


Risk identification and management

Executive Business Management Consulting

We work with you to advance your leadership proficiency using contemporary and proven skill sets. Great leadership and how to apply it is essential to your organization and will generate significant benefits. You’ll learn enhancements in developing into a high performance organization, resulting in lower costs, higher quality, and faster service.

Specific benefits include:

  • Breakthrough leadership skills for an improved workplace
  • Immediately develop a high performance organization
  • Practical optimization of your team’s financial skills
  • Quickly optimize your team’s authentic personnel skills
  • Increase performance of better engaged employees
  • Superior value proposition to the market

Bill Cooper MBA, MPA

I work with organizations to transform reactive problem management into proactive, results-based solutions. I consult and speak on topics including management and leadership, emergency preparedness and management, employee engagement, and Lean Six Sigma.

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Extra Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Course

We provide your organization with the ability to learn what Lean Six Sigma is, how to apply it, and how to measure significant positive results. You will learn the basic principles of Lean Six Sigma, as well as the tools you can apply for near-immediate results, all going directly to your bottom-line.

Specific benefits include:

  • Unlock faster and better service to your clients
  • Deliver reliable superior quality of service or products
  • Easily reduce your costs
  • Reduce the time it takes to make decisions

Emergency Preparedness

Risk identification and management are essential elements of your successful organization. Knowing what they are and how to leverage them are keys to keeping your organization and your people and assets safe. From natural disasters or emergencies to man-made incidents such as an active shooter, crime, and other concerns, we’ll prepare you for, how to respond to, and how to mitigate major incidents that can have a serious adverse set of consequences on your organization.

Specific benefits include:

  • Identify the urgent risks relevant to your organization
  • Develop an innovative and useful risk remediation plan
  • Develop an emergency plan to implement immediately
  • Build helpful Emergency Response Plans and capabilities

From some of our clients

“Bill Cooper’s unique management model should be used by any organization, especially in today’s economy. His combination of proven business principles result in faster service, higher quality, and it’s all done at substantially lower cost. He has proven right time and again.” Representative Mike Hope

WA State Legislature

“I have spawned many ideas about how my organization could do things better. Since I am an efficiency hound, I become easily frustrated when I see waste and it is not dealt with on an administrative level. I know now that my ideas regarding our business decisions as agencies are not solely my own, but others have the same viewpoint. This is not only a confidence builder as I move forward in my career, but I know that my beliefs are verified by a subject matter expert.” Tim Morgan

“As a law enforcement officer with over thirty years’ experience, some in supervisory and command level positions, I can say that the skills, perspectives, and leadership taught in this program is highly valuable to the modern law enforcement or fire service professional. Highly recommended.” Mark Lewis, Lieutenant (ret)

Bellevue Police Department and Commander (ret) Duvall Police Department

Speaking Engagements

Bill is available for corporate trainings, conferences, trade shows, organization meetings, panel discussions, and private gatherings. Contact us to learn more.


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Bill Cooper

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